GM Application Format

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GM Application Format

Post  Ash on Mon 26 Nov 2012, 17:03


  • Be a member of the LunarMS community (in-game) for at least one week.
  • Have vast knowledge of the server.

If your application is denied, you must wait 2 weeks before reapplying.

You must use this EXACT format if you wish to even be considered. However, you may add anything else you want after the "Other Comments" so we are not confused if you are deliberately changing the format as you wish. If your application has the old format, that is okay, but starting from January 7th 2013, all applicants must use this format. Inactive players and players who quit who had the old format also had their applications deleted.

Game Master Application Template:




Time Zone:

Date Joined:

How active can you be (non-afk contributing hours)?:

Reason(s) you are applying as a LunarMS intern/game master:

Why should we accept you?:

What can you contribute to our server?:

How would you handle players/game masters in a conflict?:

If there was a hacker, what would you do?:

Do you have any experience as a Game Master? If so, please provide us with the server name, the version, what level game master you were, and a screenshot:

Have you ever resigned from a staff position? If so, then why?:

What would you do if you are not accepted?:

Other Comments:

  • Try to explain clearly and concisely when appropriate for each question.
  • Re-read your application many times before posting it on the forums. Ensures that you do not edit your post many many times.
  • Do not advertise your application, or it has a possibility of being automatically denied.
  • Try to establish good relationships with the other players and game masters. Be friendly and active.
  • Help out as much as possible within the server, forums, and xat chat.


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