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LunarMS Rules

Post  Ash on Fri 07 Dec 2012, 00:37

Staff rights to the forums: We have the right to delete or modify any posts or threads on the forum without your consent (if it was your thread or post) for any reason whatsoever. We have the right to ban and IP ban your account for any reason at all.

Player rights to the forums: You have the right to share your account.

Player Game Rules:
1. Do not smega spam or spam at all.
---Consequence: Temp-ban or jail. Each smega = 1 hour of temp-ban/jail.
2. Hacking is strictly prohibited.
---Consequence: Permanent Ban. Details Recorded.
3. You may not abuse ANY broken coding function in-game or on website. Example: Getting free Golden Maple Leaves from a broken NPC and not reporting it.
---Consequence: Depending on the severity of the abuse, the more it spreads throughout the community, the severity of your punishment increases.
4. Any form of duping is prohibited.
---Consequence: Permanent ban, no excuses.
5. You may not harrass or disrespect staff or players of the community to a serious matter, such as threats to the server in any way or general harrassment.
---Consequence: Depending on the severity of the harrassment, it could vary to a high amount of temp-ban/jail time or a low amount of jail/ban time.
6. Scamming is prohibited.
---Consequence: First offense will result in jail time. Second offense will result in a temporary ban. Third offense results in permanent ban. Depending on the severity of your scamming (say scamming a Game Master), then the first and/or second offense may be skipped and will result in the third offense isntead.
7. You may not use any third party programs. (i.e. Botting)
---Consequence: Jailed or Temporary Ban.

Game Master Rules:
1. Abusing commands is intolerable.
---Consequence: Punishment varies on the severity of abuse.
2. Cheating or favouring certain players in events is prohibited.
---Consequence: Demotion.
3. Do not disrespect players and other Game Masters or having the mindset that you yourself is better than players and other Game Masters.
---Consequence: Punishment is determined by the severity of disrespect. Continuously occurring results in demotion.
4. Do not harrass other players and other game Masters.
---Consequence: Punishment is determined by the severity of disrespect. Continuously occurring results in demotion.
5. Do not ban players unfairly or without evidence (if no evidence, multiple witnesses are needed to verify).
---Consequence: Fair warnings. If continuously occuring, Game Master is prohibited from banning any other player.
6. Game masters may NOT give out free Custom Chairs, IoCs, Trophies, Golden Maple Leaves, or any other item valuable in the server.
---Consequence: Demotion and Ban.
7. Ignoring players (new or local) is unacceptable. As Game Masters, we help our community by helping our players.
---Consequence: Fair warnings. Please help our server. If it is seen that you do not care about the people of LunarMS what so ever, you will be demoted.

Forum Rules:
1. Prevent yourself from double posting threads or posts.
---Consequence: 2nd post will be deleted without warning.
2. Harrassment is intolerable.
---Consequence: Possible ban from forums.
3. Posting anything inappropriate (i.e. porn, nudes, traumatizing violent pictures or videos)
---Consequence: Immediate ban and deletion of the thread or post.
4. Refrain from using vulgar terms.
---Consequence: Fair warnings. If happening continuously, you're forum account will be banned.

Xat Chat Rules:
1. Please do not spam the chat box, sometimes you can press enter a lot, there is a spacebar though. Example: (Hey [enter] how [enter] are [enter] you? [enter]). Just use Space bar.
---Consequence: One warning, second warning in the same hour/time period and it's a temp-ban for 15-20 minutes.
2. Do not threaten anyone in the chatbox that you will, DDoS, Hack, Killz their computers, etc.
---Consequence: Ban.
3. Refrain from spamming sounds in the chatbox. Extremely annoying and it's not funny.
---Consequence: Temp-ban 1 hour.
4-. You may not at any time advertise any other server in the chatbox or mention one.
--Consequence: Ban.
5. Just a reminder that if you need to talk to someone 1 on 1, then there is Private Chat.
6. Please keep unknown links to yourself, or use in private chat. Known links will be listed below and are subject to addition/subtraction.

More Information about donations:
Donating is something unique. We really appreciate when somebody takes their time and effort to lend us a hand in finances. For lending us a hand we return you with a thank you gift, such as an in-game item. This is NOT a purchase. You are not buying anything from us when you donate.
There-forth, you cannot get a refund of any sort since we are not selling you anything. I hope you understand this.

Safe links:
  • LunarMS Forum Links
  • Mediafire
  • Imgur
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • More to be added.

List of Rules will continue to grow appropriately.
Credits to ThiefCastle
Edit - Added Game Master Rules and Forum Rules. Edited/Added other rules, etc. Ash can edit the consequences if the ones added are not seen as a fit or a harsh punishment and remodel how the thread looks.


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