MSI System Revorse

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MSI System Revorse

Post  Dupetion on Fri 06 Jun 2014, 12:33

Well most of it the title saying everything  lol! 

but i can explean anyway...

well so u know when all ur stats getting to 32,767 and u get 25 golden leafs and 1 vote point and drop of moon
well i want to make a revarse i mean like if you have at ur inventory an msi item u can click on the msi item and it will give ur
ap (ability points) back 32 x 4
golden leafs
2 vote points.. ( so you dont have to give drop of moon )

or u can make it alittle harder like need 500rb or higher
u need all ur stats at char 32,767 ( for using the reverse msi )
30 Golden leafs
and 2-4 vote points =)

why server dev should add it?
because people that want to change the msi item to anther weapon or thay maid nx item an msi and thay want to change style
so thay only need to reverse =) witch really save time and anger  Twisted Evil  of hard work..

so yea hope all the admins take it as an advise and accept it all players please Type Like for Approving me ^_^

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Re: MSI System Revorse

Post  Dyllan on Fri 06 Jun 2014, 15:21

I like the idea Smile keep them coming man!

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