Fm monster npc spawner

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Fm monster npc spawner

Post  Dupetion on Sat 21 Jun 2014, 09:22

Well i would like to give the idea about the npc of fm rooms that spawn monsters

well by all the expirance that i had when i was leveling at the fm room that if u click and spawn and kill to much times you getting dc..
and its more like the server files croped or just coding long lines...

but there is a way to get around it  affraid 

and here comes my idea  Exclamation 
i think we should add an option at the npc script that if the player have

Golden Maple Leaf[1]
Rebirth[1,000~1,500] (i think the 1k is better..  lol! .)

then with out massges or any information[i mean the npc wount tell u that u have the items and u can spawn so there will be spam spawning  lol! ] from npc if u click after spawn its auto spawn more monsters like you clicked double times
at the npc and he continu to spawn the monsters and of course waste all the receast everytime the player double spawn

and if the player doesn't met the request item than
npc massage
Sorry but you already spawned monsters to the field please use the kill option or kill them your self

or you don't have the required items\rebirth's for multi spawning.


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