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Post  Dupetion on Sun 22 Jun 2014, 14:44

well the tile give u a hint of my Best idea Ever WOhahahahha
well its not really the best but kinda good for thinking ..

well what the idea then you ask, well
besicly i think you admins should add a new npc near leaf converter but this time its NX converter
what it does really
is like your buying items from him [no i don't mean the items from nx shop].

Warning: There gonna be description for almost every single Item & Option down below  Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation  .
[Items & Options]

1) 25 Golden leaf. [Item]
2) 100rbs = 1,700 AP i think. [Option]
3) 2 Lunar point's - LP {Scroll down for more information} . [Item Or Option]
4) Custom Char's that made by Lunar Developer . [Option]
5) 1 Cloud. [Item]
6) 2bill Meso. [Item & Option]
7) Think of something and repost for the topic =)

[Item Description's]

[Lunar Point's]

Well its like vote points but its Lunar points its kinda the same idea and use as vote points but that's more of an item
that u get to your misc and can trade and use for { MSI \ Fame \ NX Converter \ Cloud \ Char's + Custom }
so its give more freedom and help for the players.
Warning Msg: It's just an idea for the main NX Exchange npc and the trade use is all just options so replay for the idea.
Warning Admins: If u set this idea "Lunar Point's" Than do it hard to gain so it's ALMOST be = to vote points !!

[1 Lunar Point = NX 50m \ 5 Golden Maple Leaf & 4 vote points ]

[Custom Char's]

While i was playing LunarMS i was chatting with the admin's and saw that they are using Really Cool and Awesome Custom Char's that were builded
by one of the developer's \ moderator's or Owner's.
by the state of that, Players are willing to have Similar or Same Custom Char's for them self's.
and by that i found it optional item that can be gained by a lot's of NX or Lunar Point's .
[1 Custom Char = NX 100m - 50m]


When you are Typing @afk you teleporting to a place where while been there some time you gain Could item witch can
be used at the game room and for Extreme rare NX item's
i think there should be another way around it to gain the item and i found it really hard and useful way to gain the item with the NX it self
so i think u should at it to the menu npc. =)
[1 Cloud = NX 10-5m & 5 Golden Maple Leaf]

[2b Meso]

We all know that 2b Meso really useful for 1 Golden Maple Leaf so i find another good way to gain the Golden Maple Leaf's.


well everything say it
the nx will give u amount of AP witch is 1,700 Ability Point's
[100rb's = NX 15m]

[25 Golden Maple Leaf]

well 25 Golden Maple Leaf can be add top the menu of the npc as an event from the server at times to times...
its really rare option and RAREST Help that u can get with saving time and play more ..
[25 GML = NX 35m]

Warning Message for Player's & Admin's: NX is really easy to gain by killing Monsters [1337]
so its really fear to use the nx in such a high request so million nx is helping few reasons.
1) it's kipping the players rebirthing
2) it's making the players vote more for the server and even donate if welling
3) because almost every 5-10 monsters to gain 1337 nx and no metter from what monsters
its worth working hard for the nx and get great items

Hope you all accept my idea or at list half of it  lol! 

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