Troll's GM Application

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Troll's GM Application

Post  rexza on Tue 10 Jul 2018, 07:39

Name: Rex

IGN: Troll

Age: 20

Time Zone: GMT +8

Date Joined: 07 July 2018

How active can you be (non-afk contributing hours)?: 4-8 hours per day depending!

Reason(s) you are applying as a LunarMS intern/game master: I've seen the lack of GMs online during my operating hours (GMT+Cool thus some players might not be able to receive the help that they require. Also, I would like to increase activeness of players by actively hosting in-game events!

Why should we accept you?: Friendly & helpful player!

What can you contribute to our server?: I could pull in more players and also make the game community a more active and fun one!

How would you handle players/game masters in a conflict?:
I would first analyse the situation and hear the full stories from both side without taking a biased point of view. I would then try to resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner by getting both parties to compromise to the situation and try to understand each other.

If there was a hacker, what would you do?:
Instant ban! Hacks will not be tolerated.

Do you have any experience as a Game Master? If so, please provide us with the server name, the version, what level game master you were, and a screenshot:
Yes i have experience as Game master! Servers : ZakuraMS and BalgenciaMS. Both version V83! Gamemaster level was SuperGM (lv 3) and level 5 respectively. My old IGN was zRandom and Random respectively.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Have you ever resigned from a staff position? If so, then why?:

What would you do if you are not accepted?:
Continue playing & supporting the server.

Other Comments: N/A.


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