GM Application IGN: Matth3w

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GM Application IGN: Matth3w

Post  Matthew on Sun 29 Jul 2018, 01:38

Name: Matthew Taylor

IGN: Matth3w

Age: 14

Time Zone: 20:09
Buenos Aires
UTC -3

Date Joined: Exactly 8 July

How active can you be (non-afk contributing hours)?: It Really Depends On The Amount Of Study, But If Not Im Active 5:15pm
(Argentina) Till 11pm or All day Till 3 or 2 AM
In Holidays

Reason(s) you are applying as a LunarMS intern/game master: I Studied The Commands Constantly When I Joined, With The Goal
to Make Good to This Server, To Grow With it, and, To Fit into the community.

Why should we accept you?: I can pull some weight around.Reporting hackers,Botters,and other-such-types, Give Entertainment
to the Players Online, Etc...

What can you contribute to our server?: <Fun> <People> <Help>

How would you handle players/game masters in a conflict?: I Would First Inform Myself About The Problem Hes Having (Not Looking For Answers, To Ask The VICTIM of the Problem)
Then I Will Give Him/Her the Possible Solutions (in my scope) If My Help Is Not Enough, I Will call for help from
help from my elders.

If there was a hacker, what would you do?: I would thoroughly investigate if they are in fact hacking.
If they were i would record the act, by video or Screenshot and jail/ban depending on the offence.

Do you have any experience as a Game Master?If so, please provide us with the server name, the version, what level game master you were, and a screenshot: (I dont have a screenshot) but It could be said that im an official Coder And GM from A server that was going to Open Called HiddenMS
i cant provide any Info about it, Because I dont know when it is actually going to open + the creator and me didnt had a chat within a long time.

Have you ever resigned from a staff position? If so, then why?: I've never been given the opportunity.

What would you do if you are not accepted?: Remain helping people in game as well as out of it, but ultimately contribute as much as I can to this server, players and GM's as well.

Other Comments: want to be able to help out as far as finding bugs/glitches and helping other players. I can bring a lot to the table as far as language comprehension for the Latino players being one Myself, and a fresh/fun/fair perspective on problems and ideas
for the server in hopes to be even better than what it is.
I Thank everyone that took the time to read the application, any comments or suggestions are acceptable.


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