Game Master Intern Application

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Game Master Intern Application

Post  Wutang on Mon 13 Aug 2018, 19:54

Name: Levi

IGN: Retro

Age: 23

Time Zone: UTC -6

Date Joined: August 11, 2018

How active can you be (non-afk contributing hours)?: 4-8 hours depending on my schedule for the week/weekend.

Reason(s) you are applying as a LunarMS intern/game master: because there is a lack of GM’s in-game and I could be further of assistance if chosen, and can be a fun experience, to learn and to take part of.

Why should we accept you?: friendly, nice & helpful.

What can you contribute to our server?: I can bring people into the server, to have a growing community Smile

How would you handle players/game masters in a conflict?: Look both sides of the story, be logical.

If there was a hacker, what would you do?:
Instant banning, hackers are a no-go.

Do you have any experience as a Game Master? If so, please provide us with the server name, the version, what level game master you were, and a screenshot:

Yes, I’ve been a Game Master for FluffyMS, I’ve been playing since BETA. I don’t exactly remember the version but it was a high rate, was like v190. I was in charge of holding events and doing bot checks, looking for ks-ers, etc etc. I don’t currently have the screenshot but It’s some experience I have being a GM. My Game Master ign was Diplo, this was in 2015-2016 roughly is what I’m guessing whenever FluffyMS was still around.


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