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Jail rework

Post  freesteven2k18 on Thu 16 Aug 2018, 21:12

Jail in this server and most other servers is a joke. There's hardly any punishment. If I get jailed for 4 hours, I don't give a shit I'll leave client open and just go about my day. I had my fun and I just have a cooldown to continue playing, which is no problem for probably anybody that plays this server. I recommend creating a new jail system, not time based, but by farming an item in the map you're locked in until you meet a set amount.

Jaguar jailed for no reason like he has been in the past: Sent to Jail Map 1, has to farm 500 Acorns and turn them into the NPC to get out of jail. Nobody will want to be jailed in a system like this. If you don't collect the items, you don't get out. This is a jail. I have to be there to farm the item to be able to get out. I actually have to serve time. As of now, I can pick up an item and get jailed, AFK and eat lunch dinner, whatever else, come back and keep playing.

I also recommend having multiple maps.
!jail1 <IGN> Sends to Jail Map 1 where the person has to farm 500 Acorns.
!jail2 <IGN> Sends to Jail Map 2 where the person has to farm 1000 Acorns.
!jail3 <IGN> Sends to Jail Map 3 where the person has to farm 1500 Acorns.

Which map you are sent to is based on the severity of their offense, and obviously the more Acorns you have to farm the longer your jail sentence will be. If the coder, whoever it may be, could somehow code the NPC that you turn your Acorns into to be character specific amounts, then multiple jail maps wouldn't be necessary. As far as I see it this is the best method.

This new system would be way more brutal and much more effective to keep the community in check. That said, being that people are getting jailed and banned for no reason, it might be too harsh of a system to implement right now.


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