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List of Suggestions

Post  mints on Sun 23 Sep 2018, 14:07



@ioc <id>  // command where players can exchange 1 event trophy for their desired IOC

@search <itemname> // command where players can search names of the items for their ID which later can be used by @ioc

@jobs // command where players can change their jobs immediately (not having to rebirth to change job)

@style // basically @kin,@nimakin,@nimakin2 in 1 command ( UI Format : Male   -   Female )

@sandbox // command where players will be warped to a map with an NPC in it to input IOC ID to test out iocs

@mega // command to megaphone


@maxskills // automatically max all jobs skills instead of having to select them

@chalktalk > @c/chalk  // fast and easy

@aio > @lunar (All in One NPC) while @aio for All in One shop instead

In Game Content

v83^ Hair, Eyes, Chairs
Scroll NPC's Scrolls add to @aio > All in one shop > Others > Scrolls

Votepoints NPC > Votepoint for White Scrolls) // White Scrolls are available at @aio > All in one shop > Others > Scrolls

as of 23/09/2018

purely suggestions, not demanding.

have a nice day :-)

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