Some general suggestions

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Some general suggestions

Post  Peach on Wed 26 Sep 2018, 18:02

(I suppose it's too late to suggest a singular thread for everyone to post their suggestions in an organized manner...)

• Rearrange a few of the categories based on relevance (GM Applications higher than Off-Topic/Entertainment?)
• Tidy up a bit since there are certain posts from 3-4 years ago such as suggestions which might have already been implemented
• Adding onto the above, maybe include a "Resolved" thread for suggestions, support, and anything else that includes player input for those who prefer using the forums over Discord

• I noticed on GTOP that it says there's v180 Hair and Eyes, as well as other features that aren't really there (yet?) - Maybe fix those since there are more and more players trickling in these days and they might feel as if there's false advertising if they find this server through that website
• Have the Tutorial map (15 rebirths to leave) be optional, and instead provide a more in-depth guide (@maxskills, what Skills to use, which Job is the most ideal for rebirths, etc)
• Somehow combine Spinel and Warper, to reduce the amount of NPCs in the FM by at least a little bit
• Move from the Easter event to a Christmas one! Having Happyville in this server but the only thing associated with it being @afk is such a missed opportunity
• Rename the "Beginner" NPC to "Bootcamp", or make it into a command like "@bootcamp" instead
• Merge Kenta with the Warper NPC, adding a section of Boss Maps

To be updated.

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