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Wingfield GM Application

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Time Zone:OC

Date Joined:26/10/18

How active can you be (non-afk contributing hours)?:8 Hours per day.

Reason(s) you are applying as a LunarMS intern/game master:I spend a lot of my free time trying to help people in Lunarmsvery often and not once have I found it a hassle or even boring. I want to extend that help into something more. As some of you may know, I write various guides for this community and I'm constantly being thanked for them and knowing how much they have helped others is one of the best feelings in the world. This community is very special and rare so I'm taking this opportunity to continue to enrich this community and keep it that way.

Why should we accept you?:I'm incredibly active both in game and on the forums. I'll constantly be checking the forum and seeing if there's anyone that needs some advice. I'm a very effective communicator. In game knowledge is one of my specialties no matter how trivial the situation. I strive to be incredibly organized both in game and on the forum. I love to help others in the community with issues.

What can you contribute to our server?:I am online 9 hours per day,I wanna help you to improve your sever.

How would you handle players/game masters in a conflict?:I act naturally and I will help everyone even if I made a mistake I will know to take guilt

If there was a hacker, what would you do?:I Would make sure he is hacker then i will record it then i will ban him.

Do you have any experience as a Game Master? If so, please provide us with the server name, the version, what level game master you were, and a screenshot:[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Have you ever resigned from a staff position? If so, then why?:I were the Co owner of PandaMS (I didnt resign the sever closed).

What would you do if you are not accepted?:I will continue playing.

Other Comments:Hope to get a chance.

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