[ERROR] NX Gachapon NPC wrong item missing

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[ERROR] NX Gachapon NPC wrong item missing

Post  tired on Sat 03 Nov 2018, 01:10

IGN: tired
Details of Bug: NX gachapon NPC checks whether you have Golden Gachapon Tickets when trying to obtain random Rare NX, when it detects you are missing said item, it tells you that you're missing a "Lunchbox Recipe" rather than a "Golden Gachapon Ticket" or "Gachapon for Net Cafe". Its simply displaying the incorrect item that you would be missing
Error Code: None
Screenshot/Video: None

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Re: [ERROR] NX Gachapon NPC wrong item missing

Post  Ash on Mon 19 Nov 2018, 19:19

Thanks! thats been fixed


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