[BUG] Rare NX gachapon steals Sleepy Dreams

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[BUG] Rare NX gachapon steals Sleepy Dreams

Post  tired on Tue 06 Nov 2018, 23:52

IGN: tired

Details of Bug: "Vending Machine" @game room steals 3 Sleepy Dreams.
When you interact with Vending Machine & click OK to redeem a random NX item with 3 Sleepy Dreams in your inventory, BUT, your equip inventory is full. The Vending machine will STEAL 3 Sleepy Dreams & give you nothing in return.

Basically it checks whether you have 3 Sleepy Dreams & it also checks whether your inventory is full BUT even if your inventory is full, it still takes 3 Sleepy Dreams from you rather than not & in return ? you don't get your random rare NX item..  Suspect

Error Code: none
Screenshot/Video: none

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