[Reporting Bug]: Npc giving dc + Crash

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[Reporting Bug]: Npc giving dc + Crash

Post  Dupetion on Sun 08 Jun 2014, 10:40

The npc in all channels at room fm1 or @lunar

IGN NPC: LeafConverter.
Bug: After 2-3 times of use at 2,000 to 1 golden leaf causing for dc's & 15% Game Crash.

Recommended Options [1]:
Make more than 1 converting option like [Example]:
                  Options: normal leafs 4,000 convert to 2 golden leafs.
                  Options: normal leafs 6,000 convert to 3 golden leafs.
                  Options: normal leafs 8,000 convert to 4 golden leafs.
                  Options: normal leafs 10,000 convert to 5 golden leafs.

Recommended Options [2]:
Make a command for converting all leafs at inventory [Example]:
                  Options: i have 10,000 normal leafs convert to 5 golden leafs
                              if i have more or less than 10,000 then converting to the amount of golden leafs that can be converted.

Recommended Options [3]:
Make another @auto command that will convert normal leafs to golden [Example]:
                  Options: Player Type "@autogold" and every time he\she get 2,000 or more normal leafs it's auto converting to golden leaf's

Warning for Game Master's  king  : the bug is NOT Happening every time, it's most of it happening 90%-95% chance .

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