Suggestions my dudes

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Suggestions my dudes

Post  Hahagotem on Tue 13 Nov 2018, 08:10

1: People shouldn't have to travel back to fm1 to get gm job again. I haven't seen a command where you can get gm job without going back to fm1 so let me know if there is one and I haven't found it lol.

2: Lottery. People can pick a number from a range which would be 1-100. The way it works is that you pick a number from 1-100 and lets say you pick 57, that will be the number for your ticket. If the winner number is 83 then you lose but if its 57 you win. The ticket will cost 1gml and each person that plays will add to the pool. If 30 people play the pool will be 30 gml, and if nobody wins the next round will be 30 gml+ the amount of people who play the next round and so on. If somebody wins, then the pool resets back to zero. ( i can explain this better just lazy rn )

3: Last mob summon for fm spawners. Big foot gives the best experience but is a pain to click with npc chat since it is the second mob. Last summon would be the first button to click, and would summon the mob that we spawned last which would enable npc chat to work for any mob.

4: IOC NPC (almost positive you are already thinking of this) but it would be easier to have a npc you can see the items and pick out one that you like. A map that you can test iocs would be a good addition also so that players can see what the items look like on them before purchasing.

5: Event logs- List of events that have been hosted. Maybe like the last few events or so. That way players can see what events were recently hosted and so that staff tries to avoid hosting the same events in a row. I believe there should be a rule that staff can't host the same event within like 5 events or something to give more variety but that is not up for me to decide.

6: A command that prevents mob from dropping items that we can enable and disable. For example, if we disable it then the mobs only drop mesos.

7: Houses: People can buy a certain map for an amount of GML. Every month we pay rent, and we can travel to the house whenever we want. We can invite other players to it, but to keep it private we can have a password for it. The map when walked to won't show the players there since the house will be a different version of that same map.

You don't gotta add these just I was bored since most people are afk so I typed it up LOL


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Re: Suggestions my dudes

Post  Frieky on Sat 08 Dec 2018, 22:47

The lottery idea would be a fun & good GM event. +1.

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